The Best Home Based Business...

"This is the best home based business opportunity available.”

This statement, or a variation of it, is probably the most frequently used claim made by promoters of home based business opportunities. If you’ve been exploring home based business opportunities for any length of time at all, I’m sure you’ve seen this claim many times. We all have.

The question I would ask any and all of these promoters is; “How do you know what the best home based business is for me?"

I’m confident in saying all their answers would have something to do with the income potential of their opportunity. And they would be absolutely wrong!

Sure, the income potential is important and should be a consideration. But it shouldn’t be the primary motivator behind the pursuit of any one home based business opportunity.

So what should the primary motivator be?

I’m glad you asked. The primary motivator behind any business enterprise you might pursue is passion – your passion. Without passion for the product or service you might be promoting, success will be much more difficult for you to achieve. At the very least, you should have a high level of interest in it. A high level of interest can be bumped up to passion as success begins to happen. Money can have a positive impact here. But that’s more on the back end. It’s important to make that distinction.

A Lesson Learned

Here’s an example of what can happen when there isn’t passion, or at least a high level of interest.

Several years ago I became involved in the cosmetic fingernail industry. The initial attraction for me was the tremendous income potential of the opportunity. However, I had absolutely no background or prior interest in fake nails, or the beauty industry in general. Before I started selling these revolutionary fingernail kits, the closest I ever came to a beauty salon was when I needed a haircut. For me, it was all about the tremendous income potential of this ground-floor multi level marketing company.

It was a complete failure. I think I sold two kits, and those were to friends. I didn’t sell a single kit to a single salon owner, which was where the real money would be because of high-volume repeat sales of supplies.

When I tried to sell to salon owners, I didn’t really speak their language. Oh, I had learned all the jargon and could converse with them on a technical level. I could even demonstrate the product well. But without passion, or at least a high level of interest in what they were passionate about, I couldn’t achieve rapport with them.

In short, I just came across as a salesman who was only interested in making a sale – because that’s what I was.

That was definitely not the best home based business for me.

Here’s the Takeaway

So, what is the best home based business for you?

It's the one you can be truly passionate about. And remember the fundamental reason why passion is so important: If you don’t really love what it is you’re engaged in, you won’t enjoy it no matter how good the money is. And if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t succeed long term.

We see this in the work-a-day world all the time.

There are so many people who think they’re unhappy with their employers. But I contend that it’s not the employers themselves, but the dissatisfaction people have with the job or career itself. And what is often the primary motivator behind selecting a job to apply for or career to pursue?

How much it pays.

So as you explore home based business opportunities, focus on areas you have passion for, or real interest in. It’ll save you a lot of discontent down the road, and better position you for long-term success.

If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to read the Business Ideas Generator page. That exercise will help you identify some good business ideas for you to explore.

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